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Building your team solutions & optimising your way of working
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When optimising your way of working, tools can make a world of difference. At Abano, we are specialised in developing the correct tools to help you work as efficient as possible. We are always learning and helping our customers by creating the correct tools for the job or by implementing proven tools.

With our years of knowledge in this process, our team will guide you through the steps of choosing, creating and implementing the correct tools that can help your team. Relax as we build your team‘s solutions and optimise your way of working!


To be able to optimise your way of working and build your team solutions, we are offering the following services:

Building your team’s solutions requires both knowledge and experience. We offer both and can create your needed tools via our tools factory, which provides the possibility to create these onsite at your company or to create these in our inhouse factory with our experienced project development & delivery team

We can help you with configuring and optimising your used tools to help you achieve the maximum potential with these. We perform a series of services for your tools, including: analyses, audits, demonstrations, installations, configurations, training, license discounts, managed services, hosting, monitoring... Via these services, we can provide you with end-to-end business solutions

Tools Factory
(Optimised) existing tools


We have active partnerships with:


Here are some examples of projects we have completed for customers:

All Development Tools

Life at


Java Backend Developer

As our Java Backend Developer, you will get the chance to help design, develop and release top-notch Java backend applications for all of our customers. apply now to become part of our kick-ass team and prepare for some innovating challenges!

Frontend Developer

Are HTML, CSS and JavaScript Frameworks part of your core developer DNA? Is your superpower developing the connection between the design and the back-end of the tool? Then you might just be the person we are looking for! apply here for the job!

Full Stack Developer

We are looking for full stack developers to join our kick-ass team! Is your passion to create the front-end user experience of a tool as well as creating the under-the-hood parts of that tools to make it all work together? contact us to apply for this job!

Atlassian Professional

Is it your dream to help teams work in the best way possible by fully optimising and automating their processes? Or by implementing the tools to help them use Scrum, Kanban, CI/CD, automated testing and full team tracking? apply for the job!

Project Management
Project Manager

We are looking for a Project Manager. Interested? Be sure to contact us!

Business / Functional Analyst

We are looking for a Business / Functional Analyst. Interested? Be sure to contact us!

Test Engineer

We are looking for a Test Engineer. Interested? Be sure to contact us!


Possible internships

At Abano, we always have several possible interships. Some of our current possible internship topics are about:

  • Employee rewards tool
  • Online voting system
  • Automated creation of quotes for consultants
  • Employee performance review system
  • Custom CMS for website
  • Planning tool for consultancy company
  • Integration of new app that extends Atlassian Tools
  • Automation of internal business processes of Abano & Cronos
  • Integrated tool to implement service requests & ITSM within companies

If you have your own idea for a possible internship at Abano or if you are curious about the possible internships described above, contact us!

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2550 Kontich, Belgium